Tips on how to make a picture frame from recycled materials

With the growing number of waste in the world, one solution is to recycle. People are encouraged to do this to tackle the waste problem or else soon enough we’ll see ourselves flying our waste to the moon because there is no more enough space on earth for it. Determination is the key. We should be eager enough to do a lot with our waste and look for ways on how we can minimise it.

There are many ways we can recycle. From plastic waste to our food waste. With a little bit of creativity, we can turn them into something that we can use whether it’s for decoration, kitchen use, garden tool and so many more.

One project we can make is creating picture frames out of recycled materials. Recycling and making use of our waste material is a great way to save the earth. And while we are it, why not make it a fun experience?

Here are some ideas in making picture frames from waste materials.

Rolled newsprint picture frame

This is a picture frame made from newsprint, old magazines, calendar and catalogues. These pages are then rolled into reeds. All you need are a pair of scissors, glue, cardboard and the picture to be framed.

All you have to do is roll out those pages into your preferred size. Put your picture on the board and use the rolled papers as borders. This is an easy to make picture frame with less materials to use and can be done in less than an hour.


Puzzle picture frame

Maybe you have some puzzles that are missing some pieces. These are no longer good for assembling. So instead of throwing it out or keeping those in your cabinets, take it out and invite some friends over and turn those puzzle pieces into unique picture frames.


DVD Case Picture Frame

A single case of DVD can make an easy standing picture frame with only a little touch up. But you can also create your own spinning picture frame using six open cases of DVD. Just place it on a hard surface like a wood or put it in a CD spindle to make to have a rotating picture frame. You can also attach little notes along with your photos.


Glass Jars Picture Frames

Glass jars are used for drinking or for storing kitchen food like cereals, nuts, flour and baking ingredients. Sometimes even when the jars are old, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of them because they are too pretty. You just need to cut a photo into the right size to be slotted into the jar. You can put these glass jar frames into your coffee tables, bedside table or on top of the piano. You can even give them as a gift to your friends, work colleagues or your lover with their picture in it.


Wood Picture frame

You may have done some construction in your home lately and you may have some pieces of wood laying around. You can turn these wood into rustic picture frames with the help of wood glue.

Making picture frames out of waste materials can be a fun activity especially if you do it with the help of your friend  and family. The result really depends on the availability of waste material lying around your home. Show your creativity by creating picture frames with designs out of your own taste and preference. The goal is to produce an artwork that showcases the use of waste material. If you don’t know where to begin, just follow the theme of the room where you plan to place the picture frame. For example if the room is colorful, you may want to go for neutral colours. If the theme is classic and old age, then go for the balck and white paper frames. The thing is, it all ends with your own choice. You are free to mix and match.

The benefits of recycling are really endless. It’s a way of helping our environment to control the waste.  It’s good to know that by recycling, we can help minimise the amount of pollution that goes into our atmosphere, resulting in saving the most precious resources of the earth. Once you realise this, you may never want to spend again for a picture frame.

If you have plenty of trash in your home and you think they can be recycled, instead of throwing them away, you can actually bring them into a recycling depot in your locality. They have a waste recycling system that aims to reduce the amount of trash going into landfills. This may be a small action you can take but it’s a great contribution whe e talk about taking care of our environment.