How To Frame Your Photos Like A Pro?

When it comes to frame pictures, then it is a very difficult job for everyone. Pictures are like memories which you have taken while you are out of town. They make you realize about the good time that you have spent with your family and friends. For this reason, it is needed to preserve the art so that it will be in safe condition for years.

Purpose of Framing-

Canvas stretching Sydney says, When you are going for framing pictures, it provides two kinds of services. These services are the presentation of pictures and protection of pictures. When you come to the protection, it is provided with perfect materials as well as methods. And when one goes for presentation, then it starts with designing of the project. When you are going for framing, there are many picture framing techniques.

Techniques used in framing-

  • Dry Picture Mounting- In this technique, the picture is said to be attached to the mount board permanently. This technique is used for a picture when the picture is left un-framed or float mounted. The process of dry mounting cannot be reversed by any means.
  • Wet Mounting- In this technique, one needs to apply wet glue to the picture. Then you need to mount board yourself. After you applied wet glue, you need to position your picture on board and cover with glass. The glass will apply steady pressure on it and leave it to dry for 1 day.
  • Pressure Mounting- In this picture framing technique, a frame comes which have got a pressure sensitive adhesive in it. This thing allows you to get into effect without any extra effort. The adhesive that is present on the board will not until you apply pressure on it. After the pressure is applied, the photo will stick and you need to leave it for a day to dry.
  • Adhesive Spray Mounting- In this technique, the adhesive is sprayed on the sides of the pictures. For this, you need to place the picture upside down and then spray the adhesive on it. Make sure the adhesive is spread equally on each side. Then mount the picture on mount board and then press down with the center to edges with the help of hand. After that, the picture gets attached to the frame and you need to leave the picture to take its position.
  • Conservation Mounting- In this, the mounted photo must be easily removed from mount board. This technique is usually used in museums. In this type of mounting, it is seen that the pollutants penetrate the frame from the air and walls. As a result, they contaminate the frame, so it is important that the artwork must be removed frequently and remounted again in the frame.

. When you are going for framing, these are some picture framing techniques. These things can be used by anyone who wants to frame the pictures. The techniques that are mentioned aboveĀ  can be taken into account when you are going for the framing of photos. Hope the above techniques will help you to have a good photo frame.