Engraving the frames for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift

A picture paints a thousand words, they say. But when you put it in the picture frame, it conveys more. Framed photos that are displayed around the house are a common but great way to enhance the beauty and interior of your home. Do you know that there are more interesting ways to make your display photos stand out?

We are talking about home projects that you can do and customise the way you want to. Plus, it makes a perfect gift to give to your mother on Mother’s day. Framing a sweet photo of your mom and you on a beautiful picture frame is easy but thoughtful.

Here are some engraved picture frames ideas to inspire you so you can choose the perfect gift for your mother this Mother’s day.

Long-distance picture frame

You and your mom may not live together in the same house or even in the same city. You can show her how much you care and love her by inserting your photo on a picture frame that is engraved with the places you’ve been to together.

Picture frame with her favourite flower

Pick a plain picture frame and insert a photo of your mom. However, that alone is pretty boring, right? It doesn’t have to be. Design the frame with an engraved picture of her favourite flowers to make it more interesting. It is a simple project but can give the whole picture a new kind of spark and beauty that your mom will fall in love with.

Engrave the picture on the wood

Maybe you are not a fan of putting a picture on a piece of cardboard, a metal frame or plastic. Maybe your favourite material is wood. Then that’s not a problem; you can engrave your picture or your mom’s picture on the wood to make it stand out even more. The picture may not be crystal clear, but it gives more of a rustic vibe and interesting look.

First mother day Frame

Engrave the date of when your mom became a first-time mom and insert a sentimental photo on the frame. It may be a picture of when she was holding her first child.

Side by side picture frame

Get a beautiful frame that you can insert a picture of you and your mom on the left side and then engrave your message on the right side. You can bring the frame to a professional engraving service like melbourne laser cutter to help you with the engraving process. Your mom can put this on her bedside table so she will be reminded of how you feel for her. This can really be a very special gift for your mom.

There are many more engraving design ideas that you can make using a picture frame. Picture frames are such a wonderful gift because you can customise them and insert a favourite photo of your mom to display a unique and unforgettable memory.

The good thing about picture frames is that it’s very simple yet you have the opportunity to make it as personal as possible. Choosing a photo of a shared experience with your mom and wonderful moments allows your mom to look back on that special memory you made together.

Let your mom know how much you cherish her by giving her a customised picture frame with a photo of your whole family. This will remind your mom how she is deeply loved and appreciated every day. You can also give a special picture frame to your sister or best friend to tell them that they are doing a great job being a mom; just engrave a special message that will bring the photo to life to make it a unique piece of art that can be displayed anywhere in the house.